As leaders and business owners get ready for new and dynamic market conditions, having your people engaged, strategic choices clear, and structures well integrated - often external resources and expertise can add layers of value and enable earlier traction and resource effectiveness.

We can provide structured and context ready workshops and facilitation services, or design and deliver to your needs.

Some of our typical workshops are;


For many businesses and organisations, getting clear on the fundamentals and core beliefs are the foundations of future growth.

Rather than lofty and often esoteric statements, a well facilitated and engaging session with your staff & often other key stakeholders can be the launching point for great performance and long-term growth

We see brand as the structure for all of your core beliefs, ambitions and customer promise.   Let’s talk about what’s possible.

Strategy & Business Planning

Do you have a growth agenda? As experienced business coaches and consultants, we can assist you to plan, develop and hold your next planning event.

There is clear evidence that investing in external facilitation can free up the leader to play a more concerted and compelling role in gaining clarity and engagement.

Choosing strategies and making plans that will realise the vision and quickly get buy-in and rubber on the road is in itself an act of leadership.

Brand Identity Development

Despite a constant sense of marketing becoming a technically driven investment, a strong brand still emerges as the trump card of marketing effectiveness.

Communication, customer value, offer design and managing marketing initiatives are all empowered by, and generate from a leading brand.

We work with businesses to identify and choose strategy, build effective communications and manage the organisational identity.  

We believe that brands are strategy in action and belong to your customers, and facilitated by your people.